Piazza Modica 6164 + 6005


Piazza Modica is a popular choice for coastal living environments.

This stock rug in colours 6164+6005 features a beige base with mustard and blue highlight tones.

This piece is 200 cm x 300 cm but it can be custom sized in widths up to 600 cm and to any length,  Delivery is normally six to eight weeks.  Contact us for more details..

The colour palette is outstanding.  All dyed in Paulig’s weaving centre using heavy metal free Swiss dyes.

Handwoven in Paulig’s Hungarian weaving centre using virgin wool, Piazza Modica is identical both sides and reversible.

The Piazza collection is moth-proofed with a substance that is harmless to humans and the environment.

For more information about Paulig1750, its values and commitment to sustainability and quality, visit the blog on this website to view a short video.


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100% NZ felted wool, mothproofed, reversible

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170 x 240cm