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Exclusive custom made rugs since 1996.

Exclusive custom made rugs since 1996.

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Beautifully designed, luxury rugs.

Beautifully designed, luxury rugs.

Art of Rugs | Modern Designer Rugs View collection.

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Earth friendly. Ethically handmade.

welcome to the Art of Rugs.

Our custom made rug collections boast the best of what Europe has to offer in texture, luxury, style and colour. Every style is hand-picked to complement Australian design tastes. Our rugs grace some of the most modern homes and commercial spaces in Europe, America and Asia.

size and colour flexibility.

We offer an unequalled choice of design. If you need a large or even round rug we can create it. Interior designers can utilise this flexibility to create a modern custom made solutions.

design excellence.

Our European team specialise in custom rugs and are the industry leaders in luxury design, large scale textures and colour awareness.

world class.

High quality, ethically sourced raw materials are translated by artisan weavers into custom made rugs of great beauty and functionality.


Our rugs in most cases are reversible (the back is exactly the same as the front) and both sides can be used. We can also provide round rugs.

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Our modern designer rug collection is sourced from weaving centers owned and controlled by the Paulig family who have been associated with the textile industry since 1750.


The inspiration for the Africa collection came from the strong contrasts of traditional African patterns and the diverse colours of the unique landscape. The AFRICA collection captures brilliantly the spirit of the continent in 15 different textures and 20 colours.


The City Collection takes you on an instant world tour. Named after some of the greatest cities of history, these exciting structures mirror the vibrancy colour and earthiness of the cities after which they were named. Explore the modern city collection.


Think New York lofts, non-conformity, intuitive creativity. The Beat Collection epitomizes the out of left field thinking of the Beat generation. Luxury colour palette, innovative textural brilliance and handmade excellence, together in one fabulous expression of inspired design.

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