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The inspiration for the Africa collection came from the strong contrasts of traditional African patterns and the diverse colours of the unique landscape. The AFRICA collection captures brilliantly the spirit of the continent in 15 different textures and 20 colours.

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The City Collection takes you on an instant world tour. Named after some of the great cities, these exciting structures mirror the vibrancy colour and earthiness of the cities after which they were named.


Our rugs are woven in pure new cotton from producers committed to sustainability and fair trade practices.

Art of Rugs | Modern Designer Rugs
Art of Rugs | Modern Designer Rugs


Think New York lofts, non-conformity, intuitive creativity. The Beat Collection epitomizes the out of left field thinking of the Beat generation. Sophisticated colour palette, innovative textural brilliance and hand-crafted excellence come together in one fabulous expression of inspired design.


SALSA: noun

1. A type of Latin American dance music 2. A spicy tomato sauce

Paulig’s designers looked to Latin America for inspiration for the fabulous SALSA Collection. Bright vibrant colours and innovative textures feature in this feisty range.

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Art of Rugs | Star Swing Rug

star swing.

Sometimes a new concept in colour and texture bursts onto the scene and captures the imagination of the design community. STAR SWING has achieved this effect. It offers 18 stunning colour combinations in a woven loop pile that adds life and vitality to casual living areas. The designers have woven felted wool and a high quality silky shimmering viscose yarn to achieve a unique combination of elegance and sophistication.

piazza modica.

Multi coloured loops of felted wool featuring soft colours in a pebble like structure make this a very attractive rug for areas devoted to casual living. Available in a single colour or choose from a combination of 2 colours from a total palette of 14 colours. Felted yarn ensures a high performance in busy areas. Can be custom sized.

Art of Rugs | Modern Designer Rugs
Art of Rugs | Modern Designer Rugs


The designers have taken their inspiration from the magnificent coastline of Spain and its fabulous beaches.