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They are tiny, always hungry, very annoying and destructive. Moths will quickly make themselves comfortable in your home and eat through your textiles as if it were a five-star menu.


The trend to place sofas and beds on top of rugs provides moths with a dark home that allows them to chew away at your valuable asset undetected.


Once ensconced in your textiles, be they clothes or rugs, it is very difficult to dislodge them. Often they are detected long after the damage has been done.


Our Paulig rugs are finished off with a special repellent during the manufacturing process. Paulig uses a biocidal agent based on permethrin which shields wool carpets against moth larva and bugs.


Compared to other methods ( such as using toxic gases), this agent comes with several benefits.


Stomach poison instead of contact poison: Larva only perish after they have digested the methrin-infused wool.


There is no health risk to humans. Permethrin is commonly used for lotions and shampoos eg to treat head lice.


One-time treatment guarantees long term moth protection whereas treatments with gas must be repeated on a regular basis.


While your Paulig rug has an effective deterrent, it is wise to take measures to keep moths away from your rug such as :


Insect screens on windows and doors


Frequent vacuum cleaning including under the rug and especially in dark places such as under sofas.


Cedar blocks are a natural deterrent in areas where clothing is stored.


Remember, moth larva seek out textiles in forgotten corners where they can breed and grow without disturbance.

the history.

The parent company of Art of Rugs was established in 1996. Art of Rugs specialises in bringing to the market luxury collections of handmade, modern designer rugs to suit either residential or commercial applications. The store is located on the Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane but able to ship rugs all over Australia.


Our custom made rug collection is designed and manufactured by a German family company that has been associated with the textile business since 1750.


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