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A source of consumer disappointment with hand woven rugs is often the deterioration of the appearance in a relatively short time after purchase.
Immediately after placement in the living space, the rug looks perfect.

Why then does it start to look tired and begin to shed yarn (pilling) in a matter of months even if it is not subjected to excessive foot traffic?
There are several factors contributing to the deteriorating appearance.
* average to poor quality raw materials
* weaving technique
* unfelted wool or poor felting technique
* lack of quality control at the weaving source


While there is a certain romance in buying a wool rug sourced from areas of the world that promote the benefits flowing to the communities producing their products in a traditional manner, it can often disguise the fact that the finished product becomes overpriced after passing through several hands (all of whom add margins) on its journey from the weaving source to the consumer.


With no sure guarantee of the integrity of the raw materials (wool, jute, cotton and dyes) , inferior felting techniques carried out in substandard conditions and looms that don’t allow the weavers to achieve the tightness of weave needed, the performance and appearance of these products can quickly become a source of disappointment.


Art of Rugs sources its products from a European based producer whose family has been in the textile business since the mid Eighteenth Century.
Paulig Teppiche has a world-wide reputation for quality.


Products sold by Art of Rugs are primarily sourced from Paulig’s weaving centre in Rabat, Morocco, a facility fully owned by the company.


In order to meet the demands of its discerning, sophisticated client base in Europe, the Americas and Asia, Paulig maintains the highest standards in weaving technique and raw material integrity. Its weavers are employees, not contractors.

The steps that Paulig take to safeguard quality standards ensure that their products continue to perform and look fresh and new for years after purchase.


For more information on how Paulig Teppiche builds appearance retention into its products, please go to the About section of our Art of Rugs website.

the history.

The parent company of Art of Rugs was established in 1996. Art of Rugs specialises in bringing to the market luxury collections of handmade, modern designer rugs to suit either residential or commercial applications. The store is located on the Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane but able to ship rugs all over Australia.


Our custom made rug collection is designed and manufactured by a German family company that has been associated with the textile business since 1750.


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